Adornments for the wanderers, the shapeshifters, the poets, the ones hiding in plain sight.

Cormorants were historically kept as fishing birds, notably in Asian tradition. They are creatures of adaptation, living on land and at sea, home on urban sea docks and desolate wilderness alike.

Proudly Chinese American, as a woman and creative I’ve translated and traversed in-between spaces all my life. East and West. Commerce and art. Mother and daughter. Visibility and invisibility. Science and myth. Striving for purpose and trying to just be.

I spent my childhood climbing trees, reading books by the bushel, playing by the bottle green Atlantic, and wandering flea markets. I attended design school and spent my twenties creating logos, brands, and apps for a wide range of companies. My biggest inspirations are myths and legends, Asian America, literature and books (the thiccer the better), sci-fi and fantasy, tarot and card decks, botany, the sea, anything with a good story.

Every piece is built with ethical materials. I hand-carve every tiny prong and set every stone.

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What's ethical jewelry?

I do my best to ensure that all the stones and metals in my jewelry are produced humanely and at a scale that doesn't hurt mama Earth.

  • Lab grown stones: Instead of mining, some stones are grown in a lab. These aren't simulants, they are genuine, just made by science instead of natural time and pressure.
  • Reclaimed stones: Recycled from old jewelry. Fun fact: my engagement ring, which I got before I knew, like...anything about jewelry, features a reclaimed antique champagne diamond in a new setting.
  • Ethically mined stones and metals: Small scale operations that keep workers safer and are part of the local community, rather than large corporations mining strictly for the bottom line.
  • Metal recycling: because of the high prices of gold and silver, a lot of it gets recycled. That includes old jewelry and scrap from the jewelry bench. I save even the smallest bit of used sandpaper for metal reclamation.
  • Local casting: I work with a local company minutes from my studio to cast all pieces, and they use ethical metals.
  • Biodegradable packaging: I do my best to only use packaging that breaks down, or is sturdy enough to be reused for years to come.

What's the difference between solid and vermeil/gold fill?

Vermeil, plate and gold fill are layers of precious metal fused on top of cheaper metals. That makes them more affordable, but some vermeil is so thin that the underlying metal shows through after just a few wears! Solid metals are more resilient, keep value better and are heirloom quality. Aside from clasps on beaded jewelry, I only work with solid metals, namely sterling silver and 14k gold.

How do I take care of my jewelry?

Try to always remove your jewels when you shower, sleep, mess with makeup/toiletries, swim (especially in an ocean or pool), or do chores (especially dishwashing or scrubbing). Please be safe: don't wear jewelry when you're woodworking or doing other activities where your jewelry might get caught or stuck on stuff.

Certain gems are harder than others. Diamonds, topaz, sapphires, alexandrite, cubic zirconia, moissanites, emeralds, and rubies are usually tough (but not invincible). Exercise more caution with opals, garnets, tourmaline, labradorite, and turquoise. I'm a huge fan of inclusions, they really showcase the random methodical beauty of nature, but they can make a stone more brittle. Read more about gem durability here.

Take care storing your jewelry, try not to chuck 'em all together (I know, I know, I know). Tougher stones can scratch softer stones, or even metal settings.

A nice soak and light scrub with dishsoap and warm water will keep your jewels shiny. Gold is pretty easygoing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Sterling will tarnish when exposed to air and natural oils, a little polish with a special cloth will keep it looking good as new. I like the yellow Sunshine Cloth. I don't recommend ultrasonic cleaning anything with a stone unless it's an absolutely clear diamond with no inclusions.

Can you resize rings?

Unfortunately my (tiny) studio isn't set up to do resizing at the moment. However, If you like a style and it's not in your size, let's chat. I can either make you a similar custom ring, or tell you if your local jeweler will be able to resize the ring.

Talk to me about shipping.

Most of what's listed is ready to ship, and I'll package each little piece to be as crushproof as mortally possible. You'll receive a tracking code and a notification when your piece ships. I ship USPS Ground most weekdays from California, but I am one human being working alone, so I appreciate your patience if it takes a day or two to get your goodies in the mail. Let's chat if you have special or urgent shipping needs.